Balancing ACT Therapy

Let’s work collaboratively to explore the issue you’re facing, the goals you want to achieve, and your personal values that will help propel you there.

Photo By Melissa Gould


Balancing all the different components of maintaining mental health can feel impossible, and it might very well be without the proper tools. Balancing ACT Therapy strives to help clients build proper tools to best manage their mental health needs, to approach life more flexibly and fluidly to enable greater joy, and to spend less time struggling with trying to get rid of emotional storms and interpersonal conflicts.

Collaborative Services at Balancing ACT Therapy

All therapy services at Balancing ACT Therapy are tailored to the client, compassion-focused, and collaboratively conducted. Even though many of the therapeutic approaches used here have set components, this center purposely does not conduct therapy in a cookie-cutter fashion so that we can account for the human factor and empower each individual client. 

This means you will be encouraged to discuss aspects of therapy you do and do not like with your therapist. Also, your therapist will likely challenge you to try several new things; however, you have full choice and agency to accept or decline these challenges as they are presented. If something feels too fast, too slow, too intense, or not quite targeting the key aspect of your issue or goal, please discuss this with your therapist.

Photo By Melissa Gould